Beautiful Henna Tattoo

Henna - Henna Tattoo

Add a unique element of eye-catching design to your appearance with Henna Threading & Beauty of Lake Forest, California. Navi and Nilu offer elegant henna tattoos and hair coloring that make you stand out in a crowd.

Natural Body Art

The art of henna has been used for centuries in India, Africa, Egypt, and the Middle East. These days, it has gained popularity in western countries. The leaves of the henna plant are used to make a paste that is perfect for applying temporary tattoos and hair dye. It adds a light orange color to your hair as well as vital nutrients. Our prices include:

• Henna Tattoos - $15 & up

• Henna Hair Treatment - $30 and up


Contact Navi and Nilu to add an exotic element to your style with their intricate henna tattoos.